Stakhov Alexander Ivanovich

Alexander Stakhov, doctor of law, Professor.

Scientific specialty 12.00.14. administrative law; administrative process.

He graduated from the postgraduate Law Institute of the MIA of Russia and PhD programs of Russian legal Academy of the Ministry of justice.

He defended his doctoral dissertation on the topic: «Administrative and public security in the Russian Federation».

In total, he has prepared and published more than 250 scientific papers. In particular, the monograph: «Harmonization of judicial reform with the reform of the state control and supervision: actual problems of theory and practices», «Administrative public security in the Russian Federation», «Regulation and security in administrative law», «Administrative regulations and administrative procedures in activity of bodies of Executive power» the textbook «Administrative law of Russia», «Administrative procedure law of Russia», «The Executive of administrative-procedural law», «Current problems of administrative law and process», textbooks «Administrative responsibility», «Security Law», «Administrative regulations of Executive authorities», «Administrative control and Supervisory proceedings»,» Administrative and procedural regulation of the activities of Executive authorities»,» Administrative and procedural activities of state control and supervision bodies», other educational and methodological publications, scientific articles.

Research interests include:

* an integrative understanding of the administrative process;

  • formation and development of administrative procedure law in the legal system of the Russian Federation;

* theories of administrative and procedural regulation;

* administrative and legal regulation of state control and supervision of the activities of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs;

  • administrative responsibility;
  • regulatory legal regulation and security in the administrative and legal sphere;
  • administrative justice.



Contact information

34 Lavochkina St., Moscow, 125581