Vitaly Andreevich Yusupov

Honored Lawyer of the Russian Federation, Head of the Department of Administrative Law and Process of the Faculty of Law. MM. Speransky of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation (RANEPA), Doctor of Law, Professor (Moscow)

Yusupov Vitaly Andreevich

Born on August 12, 1940 in the village of Podgornaya, Spokoinensky District, Krasnodar Territory, into a peasant family. After graduating from Podgorny high school, he worked in the editorial offices of a number of local newspapers as a literary contributor, publishing poetry, essays and correspondence.
From 1959 to 1962 he served in the ranks of the Soviet Army. In 1962 V.A. Yusupov enters the law faculty of Kazan State University. From the first year, he is included in student scientific work at the Department of State Law and Soviet Construction. Combining excellent studies with active research work under the guidance of the famous administrativeist N.A. Volkova, V.A. Yusupov publishes the first articles in student scientific collections. In 1967 he became a laureate of the All-Union competition of student works and was awarded a gold medal. In the same year, he enters the postgraduate course of Kazan University, where, under the guidance of Professor N.A. Volkova is working on the problem of combining sectoral and territorial management of industry in the USSR. In 1970 V.A. Yusupov successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis at the Institute of State and Law of the USSR Academy of Sciences and began teaching a course in administrative law at the Faculty of Law of Kazan University.
At the same time, he expands his scientific interests, exploring the role of law in the mechanism of public administration, develops ideas about the scientific principles of management, substantiates the theory of an administrative contract. In 1976, the publishing house of Kazan University published a monograph by V.A. Yusupova «Law and Soviet State Administration», which was highly appreciated both in our country and abroad. In 1979, another of his monographs, “The Law Enforcement Activity of Management Bodies”, was published in Moscow. In this book, for the first time in the legal literature, the mechanism of applying the norms of administrative law in the course of making individual-specific state management decisions is investigated. In the same year at the Moscow State University. Lomonosova M.V. V.A. Yusupov defended his doctoral dissertation on the theoretical problems of administrative and legal regulation of management relations.
In 1980, under the leadership of V.A. Yusupov at the Mordovia State University. N.P. Ogarev, the Department of Administrative Law and Theory of Public Administration was formed. For a number of years, the members of the department have been researching the legal problems of regional management. During this period V.A. Yusupov and his students published several scientific collections and articles on the management of regional socio-economic complexes. From 1981 to 1984 V.A. Yusupov worked as vice-rector of the Mordovian University, contributing to the strengthening of scientific personnel in this educational institution. Students of Professor V.A. Yusupov, in their dissertations and articles, and today they are developing topical problems of regional management.
In 1984 V.A. Yusupov was elected head of the department and dean of the law faculty of Kaliningrad State University. Here he is actively working on the general theory of administrative law. In 1985, his most famous monograph «Theory of Administrative Law» was published in Moscow. This research laid the foundation for a new direction in science — philosophy and sociology of administrative law. From 1987 to 1993 V.A. Yusupov worked at Volgograd State University, first as the head of the department, and then as the dean of the Faculty of Law. From 1993 to 2016 V. A. Yusupov is the rector of the Volgograd Institute of Economics, Sociology and Law.
V.A. In recent years, Yusupov has been actively exploring the problems of the role of administrative law in the process of the formation of the Russian rule-of-law state. They pay special attention to the issues of administrative and legal support of human rights.
V.A., Yusupov is an active organizer of administrative and legal research. On his initiative, a number of all-Russian conferences were held on the most pressing problems of administrative and legal science.
Under the leadership of V.A. Yusupov, 25 candidate and doctoral dissertations were defended. He has published about 200 scientific papers. The most important of them are monographs:
Law and Soviet state administration. Kazan. Kazan University Publishing House, 1976,
Law enforcement activity of governing bodies. M. «Legal Literature», 1979,
Theory of administrative law. M. «Legal Literature», 1985,
Philosophy and General Theory of Administrative Law, M., 2012,
Administrative and management law, M., 2018
The students of V.A. Yusupov work in law enforcement agencies; government agencies and other areas of state building.
Currently, V. A. Yusupov is a professor at the Department of Administrative Law and Procedure at the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation, and is the President of the Eurasian Academy of Administrative Sciences.


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