Sinyukov Vladimir Nikolaevich

Vladimir Sinyukov- Doctor of Law.

Professor, Vice-rector for scientific work of the Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSLA), Honored scientist of the Russian Federation.

Vice-rector on scientific work of the head of the scientific and publishing activities of the University named after O. E. Kutafin (MSAL) and its affiliates.

Supervises: Library, Publishing center, Scientific and educational centers of the University, Department of organization of scientific activities, Department of organization of scientific research, Editorial Board, Council for science, Council of young scientists, Student scientific society and dissertation councils. He is a Professor at the Department of theory of state and law of the Kutafin University (MSU).

Research interests: theory and practice of the Russian legal system, domestic legal culture, methodology of legal education.

Rewards: Badge «Honorary employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs»

Breastplate «For distinction»

Medal «For assistance to drug control authorities»

Honorary title » Honored scientist of the Russian Federation»



Contact information

34 Lavochkina St., Moscow, 125581