Asya R. Adamova

Proofreader of the journal » Public law today»

Since 1991, studied at the Yerevan state Institute of foreign languages named after V. Ya. Bryusov at the faculty of Philology and in 1996 graduated from the full course of the named Institute with a degree in «Russian language and literature and methods of educational work». The qualification of teacher of Russian language and literature and methodologist of educational work was awarded.» In August 1998, the Ministry of General and professional education of the Russian Federation received accreditation for compliance of the diploma of the Yerevan state Institute with the Russian standard for graduates of the Russian higher education Institution who studied in the specialty «Philology».

In 2003, graduated from the Volgograd Academy of public administration under the President of the Russian Federation with a degree in Law.


Contact information

34 Lavochkina St., Moscow, 125581