Yury P. Solovey

Rector, Doctor of Law, Professor, Honored lawyer of the Russian Federation, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Vice-President of the Eurasian Academy of administrative Sciences (Omsk)

Rector of the private educational institution of higher education «Omsk Law Academy», Doctor of Law, Professor, honored lawyer of the Russian Federation Yuri Solovey has been working in the field of law for more than 35 years.

After graduating in 1979 with honors from the Omsk higher school of militia of MIA USSR on the recommendation of its scientific Council Yu. P. Solovey has arrived in internal postgraduate course at the Moscow higher school of Militia of MIA USSR, where he studied administrative law under the leadership of the prominent Soviet administrativists, Professor Alexei Prokofievich Korenev. He completed his studies at the adjunct school ahead of schedule with a successful defense of his Cand. of Law thesis on a complex and very ambiguously perceived topic at that time ‒ «Discretion in the administrative activities of the Soviet police».

After returning to Omsk, in 1982-1987 Y. P. Solovey worked as a lecturer, senior lecturer, Department of administrative law of the Omsk higher school of Militia of MIA USSR. Having proved himself a capable teacher who enjoys the sincere respect of students and colleagues, Yu. P. Solovey in order to acquire his own experience of law enforcement activities decided to plunge into the practice of grass-roots,»street» police work, moving to the post of district police inspector of the internal Affairs Department of the Leninsky district Executive Committee of Omsk and served in it for two years. As a result of his work in 1988, he was recognized as the best police inspector of the Omsk regional Executive Committee. In 1989-1990, Yu. P. Solovey again works as a senior teacher, acting associate Professor of the Department of administrative law and administrative and service activities of internal Affairs bodies of the Omsk higher school of police, in 1990 he was awarded the academic title of associate Professor.

Between 1991 and 1993, U. P. Solovey studied at doctorate of the Academy of the interior Ministry, after which in January 1994, brilliantly defended his doctoral dissertation «Legal regulation of police activities in the Russian Federation». At the specified time and until 2003, he served as Deputy chief of the Omsk higher school of militia of MIA of Russia for academic Affairs, Deputy chief of the Omsk law Institute of MIA of Russia for academic Affairs, first Deputy chief of the Omsk Academy of the MIA of Russia. In 1995, he was awarded the academic title of Professor. In 1998 was elected a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences in the section «Humanities and creativity», in 2005 – Vice-President of the Eurasian Academy of administrative Sciences.

At the initiative and under the direct leadership of Yu. P. Solovey, the Omsk Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia introduced multi-stage training of specialists for internal Affairs bodies, new information educational technologies, specialties, specializations and training profiles that meet the real needs of practice, which significantly improved the quality of the personnel of Internal Affairs bodies in the Siberian region.

In January 2003, with the special rank of «police Colonel», Yu. P. Solovey retired from the internal Affairs bodies due to the length of service that entitles him to a pension. Since then, he has been working as the rector of the private educational institution of higher education «Omsk Law Academy» (until 2012 ‒ a non-governmental educational institution of higher professional education «Omsk Law Institute»), which currently trains more than 2.5 thousand students, undergraduates and postgraduates. His efforts formed a highly qualified teaching staff, created a sound material and technical base of the University and all other necessary conditions for the residents of the Siberian region to receive high-quality and at the same time affordable higher professional education. Great attention is paid by Yu. P. Solovey to ensuring high quality of educational process, moral education of the young generation of lawyers, allows graduates of the Academy to be certainly in demand in the labor market. For 16 years of its existence, the Academy has trained almost 4 thousand students, specialists with higher legal education who successfully work in state and local government bodies, courts, Prosecutor’s offices, other law enforcement agencies, lawyers, notaries, and businesses.

Under the leadership of Yu. P. Solovey, Omsk law Academy has taken a worthy place in the system of higher professional education in the Omsk region and the Russian Federation. In 2011-2012, the Academy, along with the next state accreditation, received public accreditation of the all-Russian public organization «Association of lawyers of Russia». Based on the results of monitoring conducted by the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation in 2012-2013, Omsk law Academy has been recognized as an effective educational institution and for the third year is in a row it has won public competitions among the country’s higher education institutions for providing places for citizens to study at the expense of the Federal budget.

Led by Yu.. P. Solovey, the University successfully participates in realization of regional and municipal social projects and programs. Over 11 years of work, the students’ legal clinic established at the University has provided free legal assistance to more than 17 thousand socially unprotected citizens.

Yu. P. Solovey is widely known to the legal community as the founder of the emerging theory of modern Russian police law. Author and co-author of more than 120 published works with a total volume of about 470 printed pages, including a Commentary on the law of the Russian Federation «On police» (2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2008 of the Russian Federation on administrative offences (2002, 2003, 2006), Commentary on the Federal law «On the police» (2011, 2012), educational and practical guide «Theory and practice of using firearms by police officers» (1995), scientific publications, articles, 13 textbooks and manuals on administrative law, problems of administrative responsibility and activity of internal Affairs bodies, etc. The works of Yu. P. Solovey are in demand in the country’s leading universities and law enforcement agencies, and are widely used in improving administrative legislation and research activities in the field of jurisprudence. As for the monograph «Legal regulation of police activity in the Russian Federation» (1993), even after more than 20 years since its publication, it undoubtedly remains among the «bestsellers».

Yu. P. Solovey has developed a fundamentally new and comprehensive concept of the legal regulation of police activity in the Russian Federation, formulated a package of proposals for improving Federal legislation in the field of law enforcement. He is one of the main developers of official drafts of the Law of the Russian Federation of April 18, 1991. Federal law of February 7, 2011 No. 3-FZ «On the police», Federal law of August 12, 1995 No. 144-FZ «On operational search activities», the Provisions on service in bodies of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation national security concept of Russia, the Concept of development of internal Affairs bodies and internal troops of the MIA of Russia, the Charter of the Omsk region, more than 10 other normative legal acts of the Russian Federation and Omsk region.

Personally and as the head of the author’s teams participates in the examination of draft normative legal acts of the Russian Federation and the Omsk region, sent to the University headed by him by various organizations and officials.

He is the mastermind and organizer of the all-Russian scientific and practical conference «Current issues of administrative responsibility» held annually at the Omsk law Academy, which has become a notable platform for exchanging views on the issue of administrative responsibility, which is so important for the relationship between citizens and the state.

Performs the duties of Deputy Chairman of the dissertation Council D 212.298.16 for the defense of dissertations for the degree of doctor of law at the Federal state budgetary educational institution of higher professional education «South Ural state University (national research University)» (Chelyabinsk).

Under the guidance of Yu. P. Solovey, 2 doctoral and 12 Cand. of law theses were defended. As a result of his many years of fruitful research, teaching and organizational activities, the Omsk scientific school of administrative law was formed, which develops theoretical and applied aspects of legal regulation of police activities, the basics of domestic police law and administrative responsibility.

Yu. P. Solovey takes an active civil position. Conducting extensive public work as co-chair of Omsk regional Department of Russian public organization «Association of lawyers of Russia», member of public Council at the Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation across the Omsk region, a member of the public Council under the Department of Federal tax service across the Omsk region, member of the Council for legal policy of the Omsk region.

Yu. P. Solovey’s highly professional performance of his official duty and his active public work were marked by numerous awards. By the decree of the President of the Russian Federation, he was honored with the state award ‒ honorary title «Honored lawyer of the Russian Federation» (1998). Was awarded medals of the USSR interior Ministry and the interior Ministry of Russia «For faultless service» I, II and III degrees (1985, 1990, 1995), «200 years of the MIA of Russia» (2002), «For Military Cooperation» (2011), breastplates «The Honorable employee of the Ministry of internal Affairs» (2000), «Assistance to the Ministry of the Interior» (2006), and individual weapon – a Makarov pistol (2000). Special rank «Militia Lieutenant Colonel» and «Colonel» was appropriated in order to encourage in advance (1991, 1995). Awarded the silver medal of the Ministry of Justice of Russia «For strengthening the penal system» (2003), commemorative A.F. Koni medal of the Ministry of Justice of Russia (1996).


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