Elizaveta V. Rusanova

Born in Moscow in a family of scientists. After graduating in 1993 Secondary School No. 159 of Moscow, she entered the Moscow State Pedagogical University (MSPU) at the faculty of Sociology, Economics and Law, the Law Department of which she graduated with honors in 1998. In parallel with her legal education, she graduated from the Department of reference translators at the same faculty of the University, as a result of which in 1997 she received the certificate of referent-translator (English) with honors.

She started her practical activity at the Property Management Agency under the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), and continued her professional work as a lawyer at the legal advice bureau No. 2 of the Specialized Bar Association No. 13.Moscow, established under the Ministry of State Property of the Russian Federation.

She was engaged in teaching at MSPU, combining teaching of legal disciplines in more than 6 Higher educational institutions, including the Russian Customs Academy (RTA), and the Bauman Moscow state technical University, Institute of Foreign languages and international relations, etc., with practical (lawyer) activities.

She was engaged in research at the State University of Management (GUU), where she has been working for 2 years at the Department of State and Municipal Management on a dissertation research in the specialty 12.00.01, passing the candidate’s minimum examination. Participated in conferences, including field conferences. She is the author of publications of local significance (GUU, as well as SPb GUU).

She is the author of programs and educational and methodological developments of local significance in the following disciplines: law, civil law, inheritance law, housing law, family law (RTA).

Has a continuous experience in the legal profession for more than 20 years, of which most of the time carries out legal activities for comprehensive services to legal entities with foreign participation (working language — English).

She is fond of foreign languages.



Contact information

34 Lavochkina St., Moscow, 125581