Boris E. Malyugin

Honored scientist of the Russian Federation, Deputy General Director on scientific work of еру Federal State Autonomous Institution National Medical Research Center (NMRC) «Intersectoral  Scientific and technical Complex (ISTC) «Eye Microsurgery» named after academician S. N. Fedorov» of the Ministry of health of Russia, Chairman of the society of ophthalmologists of Russia, Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RANS) academician, editor-in-chief of the journal, Chief consultant in ophthalmology, Chief medical Directorate of the President of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Medical Sc., Professor (Moscow).

Boris Malyugin- Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, honored worker of science of the Russian Federation, Deputy General Director for scientific work of the FSAI NMRC ISTC «Eye microsurgery» named after academician S. N. Fedorov » of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation.

  1. E. Malyugin is a recognized authority and international expert in the field of modern ophthalmic surgery, who has made a significant contribution to the development of opto-reconstructive surgery, having developed a number of original technologies that have become widespread not only in the Russian Federation but also around the world.
  2. E. Malyugin- Chairman of the Board of the society of Ophthalmologists of Russia, member of the Presidium of the European society of cataract and refractive surgeons (ESCRS).

Professor B. E. Malyugin is the founder of the original Russian scientific school for the development and study of keratoplasty and opto-reconstructive interventions on the anterior segment of the eyeball. 30 dissertations (27 Cand. of Medical Sc. and 3 doctorates) were defended under his leadership during 2005-2017. Currently, there are 9 more Cand. of Sc. and 2 doctoral dissertations at different stages of preparation by postgraduates and applicants. The list of publications of B. E. Malyugin includes more than 500 works, of which 59 have been published in foreign publications. Malyugin is a co-author of one domestic and 3 foreign monographs, 29 chapters and sections in foreign monographs and textbooks, and is a member of the international team of authors of one printed and 2 video atlases on ophthalmic surgery.

Since 2016, Professor Malyugin has been the Chairman of the Society of ophthalmologists of Russia; since 2011 — a member of the Presidium of the European society of cataract and refractive surgeons; since 2012 — a full member of the International ophthalmological Academy (Academia Ophthalmologica Internationalis); since 2014 — a member of the Advisory Committee of the International Council of Ophthalmology, Advisory Committee and Clinical Guidelines Committee); since 2013- an honorary member of Serbian society of cataract and refractive surgeons; since 2010 — Columbia Association of Corneal and Refractive Surgeons. Since 2009, B. E. Malyugin has been a member of the International club of Implantologists — the oldest professional organization that unites leading scientists who develop scientific problems related to intraocular correction and cataract surgery.

2014- present B. E. Malyugin is the Deputy Chairman of the Dissertation Council (D. 208.014.01) on award of scientific degrees of doctor and candidate of medical Sciences, ISTC; since 2001 — a member of the Local Ethical Committee of the IRTC. From 2015 Professor Malyugin is included in the Expert Council of  the Higher Attestation Commision on surgical science; since 2013 — member of the expert group on specialty «Ophthalmology» Central certification Commission and Department of the Central attestation Commission in the Central Federal district.

He has made numerous presentations and lectures at the leading ophthalmological forums in the Russian Federation and abroad. For research and original development in ophthalmic surgery is awarded with diplomas of the Asia-Pacific Academy of ophthalmology (2015), and the American Academy of Ophthalmology (2015), medal named Agarwal Indian ophthalmic society (2015), gold medal of the Moroccan society of ophthalmologists (2016), medal of John Pierce society of cataract and refractive surgeons of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (2017), the medal of K. Binkhorst European and American societies of cataract and refractive surgeons (2017). Participated in demonstration operations held in the framework of international congresses in various countries of the world.

Since 2011, Professor B. E. Malyugin has been teaching at the European school of advanced training in ophthalmology (ESATO) in Lugano, Switzerland. As a visiting Professor, he has lectured at the Eye center at the University of Utah (USA, 2011), Stanford University (USA, 2012), Oxford eye hospital (UK, 2014), Ben Gurion University (Israel, 2016).

  1. E. Malyugin- editor-in-chief of the journal «Ophthalmosurgery», Deputy editor-in-chief of the journal «New in ophthalmology», member of the editorial boards of a number of domestic publications «World of ophthalmology», «Russian pediatric ophthalmology», «Ophthalmology», as well as international journals: «Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery», «EuroTimes», «Eye World», «Ophthalmology Times», «The Ophthalmologist», «Cataract and Refractive Surgery Today». He is an official reviewer of journals: «American Journal of Ophthalmology», «Eye», «Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery», «Middle East and African Journal of Ophthalmology».
  2. E. Malyugin is a highly qualified specialist with extensive practical experience, who annually performs about 400 complex surgical procedures, including keratoplasty, cataract extraction, combined reconstructive interventions on the anterior and posterior segments of the eyeball, and a number of others.

In 2015, B. E. Malyugin won the national award «Vocation», awarded to the best doctors in Russia, in the category «Special award for doctors who provide assistance during wars, terrorist acts and natural disasters».


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34 Lavochkina St., Moscow, 125581